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April 19, 2014
After his 2 Hr. Massage…
“Having such an Excellent Therapist, and beautifully decorated soothing room, what more could I ask for in a Massage!”
Euless, Tx.
July 28, 2011
Margie –
First I have to tell you how much better I felt yesterday after the massage and today. Much more flexible and the fluid retention  I really am pleased to let people know how good you are. It’s hard to find words to explain how excellent Margie’s Therapeutic Massage skills are – Miracle Worker is the first thing that comes to mind.
My Therapeutic Massage Therapist of 10 years was injured last year and I planned to wait for her recovery. I truly believed I could never find anyone with her ability. She not only knew the body and had years of experience, she genuinely enjoyed helping people feel better. For years I have called her my “Healer.”
After waiting 6 months (the last 3 with serious back and leg pain) I knew I had to begin the dreaded search for help. I phoned her and asked for referrals as she gave classes in the various types of massage, she knew who was good in the area. I went to the first referral (keeping several appointments) but knew instinctively after the first this woman could not help me. Since I was in a great deal of pain, I just needed to keep going, and called to make an appointment with the other referral — Margie.
As I said in the beginning – Margie is a Therapist who knew exactly what to do and is a master at it. Margie also is a “Healer” who senses what you need and works with you to return your functionality and well being. What a stroke of luck to have such a skilled, dedicated person in our area.
Mary Laport
July 16, 2008: Best Massage I ever had! Margie was able to work all my trigger points out and leave me totally relaxed and pain free! The most relaxing and therapeutic massage I ever had! I Recommend her highly!
Merchant Circle
As a massage therapist I have the same problems like most people do when they come in for a massage-my shoulders and lower back. From time to time I barter with other massage therapists for deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy.
Recently I called Margie to set up appointment. If you don’t already know a massage therapist is supposed to get regular massages. I wasn’t getting my regular massages and it was beginning to show a great deal. I have found that Margie is very precise and knowledgeable about deep tissue and trigger point therapy. She knows the correct and proper way to release the tension in the muscle without it tensing up. The next day after the massage the tension in my muscles were gone and I was able to go back to work as usual.
Margie has a very pleasant and nurturing demeanor about her. Her private home studio is beautifully decorated. The whole experience is very relaxing as it was comfortable. If it was not for the deep tissue I would have fell asleep!
I’ve had many massages from other therapist claiming to be a deep tissue specialist. Apparently, those therapist have never had a real deep tissue and trigger point therapy session from Margie.
Suzan Walker MT104431
Traveling Masseuse of DFW
Massage by Margie 5 Wonderful Sports Massage!!
As a runner of over 30 miles a week for the past 30 years and a participant in races I’ve learned to live with pain. Since I’ve been receiving massages from Margie on a regular basis I haven’t had to dread getting up in the morning with pain in my feet ,which I’ve suffered from all the time. Anyone who runs or exercises on a regular basis needs to take advantage of her experience and abundant skills as well as her professionalism! It’s great to be pain free healthy and fit! Thank you Margie!
March 13, 2009 by Shel Bradley in Mansfield, TX
Feb 4, 2009
by Guest94541
Feb 4, 2009
Massage by Margie
Mansfield, TX 76063
Excellent Massage with just the right touch!